Malta Carnival 2022 – this year’s videos

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I visited Valletta for the Malta Carnival and streamed this live video. At the end, I visited the Anne Frank House Exhibition in Valletta.

Once more there was an exhibition of Carnival costumes in St James Cavalier or Spazju Kreattiv as it is known today.

Amsterdam Tram 19 from Isolatorweg in Amsterdam West 2021

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A bus ride from Isolatorweg in Amsterdam West on what I believe was Tram 19. The video does not feature “talking”, so you can soak in the ambient noises.

VIDEO: Walking to Baggage Reclaim in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam

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A walk through of the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. From landing to finding the right baggage belt.

New Video: I was warned NOT to ENTER the Malta International Airshow 2021 !

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I went to the Malta International Airshow 2021, which returned after a few years absence. And two officials told me, don’t go in as there are no planes to see.
Sure… I didn’t follow their advice, as you can see in this video.

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