Valletta City Gate and Royal Opera House Petition

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Please note that the Petition is now closed, as you are aware the old City Gate has been demolished.


Lina Thake,
Charles Thake (originators),

xxxxxxxx, 3278 7 0M
Give us a real royal opera house not an open air one which will just collect dust…

JOSEPH MELI, 352540(M)
In my opinion we do need the original Opera House to be rebuild on the plan as it was before it got bombed during World-War II by German aircrafts. As planed by Piano, this is totally different from it’s original function. Therefore, we are protesting as we are all against this project. May I suggest to tell all our friends to sign in. This is not a political protest, but our heritage must be respected to it’s original state. Your friends in Australia, Canada, U.K. America, etc., all can sign if one would tell them to sign in as I did myself.

Godfrey Pace Decesare, 627128M

xxxxxxxx, 672162

John Dingli, 399526/M
There is no option but to rebuild as other great european cities have done after the 2nd world war have a look at the cathedrals and operahouses in Germany and elsewhere rebuilt to their former glory and are not considered as ‘fakes’.

xxxxxxxx, 645329(M)
If the Government wanted to save money he could have used the plan submitted by Giuseppe Bonavia.

Hadrian Wood, 732732M
Would much prefer to have City Gate re-built in its original state.

John Catania, 243234

Go on, onorevoli, prove to the world that Valletta is worthy of it’s world heritage city status… restore City Gate and the Royal Opera House to their former glory.

Charmaine Meli, 46744M

F.Vella Bamber, 217235 [M]
Anything BUT the Piano plans, PLEASE ! The Piano setup is fit for Brasilia or Dubai NOT VALETTA.

George Vella, Victoria Gozo, 36648 (G)
I fully disagree with Mr.Piano’s modern plan for Valletta, it is like painting the keys of a traditional piano blue and red. Such bright new ideas should be experimented with at the Smart City.

Alfred Baldacchino, 382843M
Old City Gate to be rebuilt but modified on the lines as was done on Portes des Bombes.

xxxxxxxx, 106733(M)
I dont like any part of Piano’s project

Edgar Cassar, 353344M
The Opera House should be rebuilt exactly as it was before it was destroyed. City Gate with some modifications.

xxxxxxxx, 10262(M)
I wish to see the Opera Hoouse built as it was, even if it is used differently on the inside. I wish the gate to be a gate and not a breach. If parliament is built, it should be a building that blends well with the rest of the city

A.Aquilina, 0573637M
Restore City Gate and the Royal Opera House to their former glory.

John A. Azzopardi, 414246 (M)
I wish to live long enough to see Valletta restored to its former beauty. Some immediate works could be: to remove the useless wiring hanging around, to cover/restore dilapidated doors/houses, to conscientiously clean up the City

John Formosa, 862344m
What happened to the old city gate?

xxxxxxxx, 97962 (M)

J. Farrugia, 724550m

Spiro Agius, 433740(M)
Il-Kamra tad-deputati se tkun zghira wisq, barra li mmhux lok ghaliha wara il-bieb tal Belt Valletta. Wisq nibza li wara ftit zmien is-sit tat teatru Irjal jittiehed biex isiru ufficini ghad deputati tal Gvern u tal Opposizzjoni. Il-Parlament ghadu jinbena Sant Iermu fejn hemm wisgha bizzejjed u Sant Iermu qed jibki biex jigi irrangat u ristorat. Grazzi.
Spiro Agius

Mrs Elena Valenzia, 0294133M
make Valletta as beautiful as it was pre war – nothing modern please – start wth using any spare cash to first tidy our City – then re modernising – think again

john tabone, 389081M
whoever i spoke to they wish that the theatre will be built with a roof, but not neccessary as it was before. City gate should be rebuilt on the same lines as it was, but with more convenient access. I do not know why parliament cannot be built anywere else, if not St Elmo, maybe the former Evans building. It is useless building a hotel there.

Raymond Mangion, 727455M
Rebuild the Opera House and modernise the interior. Rebuild the City Gate facade similar to its original with The Grand Master La Valette. Improve the square by designing a romanesque square or Covent Garden to welcome visitors and also to be used as and extended seating area when International productions fills the theatre. That would be what our Heritage City Deserves and not 80million euros spent on a design unfit for Valletta`s baroque environment.

xxxxxxxx, 535092M

Narcy Calamatta, 551039 M
The old Royal Opera House enriched our cultural soul. The Maltese identity includes that. It is what makes us different from peoples on hudnreds of Mediterranean Islands and all of North Africa. We were all brought up with Bravu Cirillu humming in the background. This is us. Shame on those who would destroy it.

Karen Zammit Manduca, 665462M

Maryanne Thake,
What a project to present to the Maltese people after over 60 years of waiting!

Sonia Psaila-Manche, 217940M
Why do we always try to destroy our heritage. Our Capital City should retain its originality and beauty.

William Cox,
If this petition is considered and maybe accepted it will be another 60 years before a decision is made. If back in 1943 I told you this place shall remain as it is in 2010 you would have laughed at me. Well, see you in 2070.

xxxxxxxx, 97372(M)

Mary Rose Lauri, 311541 (M)

xxxxxxxx, M
Nothing can beat the oriniginal design. What would come next? Demolishing all bastions and forts?

Vivienne, 754135(M)
It would be heartbreaking not to see our beautiful City not to be restored to its original state.

Oscar Mifsud, 23527(M)
This will be infinitely more dignified and appropriate than the proposed Piano Plan!

Andrea Bianco, 252292M
The gate definitely needs to be put to it s former glory as the gate we currently have is a mess.

Joanna Black, 1621661
Give us back our Maltese Heritage

TONY BORG, 656935
please built the theater and city gate as they were

xxxxxxxx, 0343445M
Please…we wish for the original opera house and also the old original City Gate ONLY……thank you

Albert Aquilina, 127537 m

Ronald Cauchi, 519742M

Lawrence Mifsud, 79450097M
The main entrance should not be just a breach in the ramparts.
Parliament building will choke one of the very few open spaces inside the City.main

Gaby, 162266M
I would be happy if the government where to consider what the majority want. As for me I would prefer the original architecture for the Old Opera House

S.Attard-Flores, xxxxxxxx
Valletta should not be spoilt by the “modern look” It was and is a beautiful city. HANDS OF

carmelina taplin,
ilive in England and we have heritage laws here which forbid changes to any ancient building from destruction or renovation without the strict planning permission of the relevant authorities, surely u have these rulings in Malta too? to protect these ancient buildings from being demolished or defaced?

The City Gate is part of the Maltese heritage and if the Opera House is to be re-built the character of the building should blend in with the rest of the historical buildings in the city

xxxxxxxx, 855553m
We have other sites where foreign architects can practise their prowess and get paid from our taxes. Valletta is ours, why not put it to the vote?

xxxxxxxx, 459149(m)
had the Opera House was not bombarded in WW II , would we change it today ?? and we should have never removed City Gate, for me it was against the law to demolish it as it was part of our history, but some people (goverment of the day)are above the law. So at least now we should have it as it was in it original glore

xxxxxxxx, 203295M
I am 14 yrs of age and just for Renzo piano’s information, I could have done one better than that cause all he did was see a yacht coming in Port il-Kbir and he copied its sails to construct on the side of the theatre. In my opinion, The Government could have used the plans made by the English which are held by one of them in there and rebuild it not paying Renzo Piano I don’t how much instead of arranging nearly all the roads which are in a disasterous state with the same amount of money! If the Kavalliers and the English officers were to know about the plans of the ‘New Theatre’ he would have his head choped off ages ago!
Me and my family are Nationalist and I am writing for the sake that I want my country to be better than others nnot worse! Thanks

Hugh Bonnici,
being a valletta citizen myself,and wishing the very best for such a beautiful city,I too agree that we should have a marvellous opera house built on the ruins of the old one.the ruins can be integrated in the new building,for example the existing steps could lead to a side entrance to the theatre.the main entrance being in freedom square thus we can make use of some of the space in the square for the necessities of the new opera house.I envisage a magnificent facade which stuns u as u enter the city.
as for the parlament house and its offices I can suggest the Mediterranean Conference centre which is well suited for the purpose and have plenty of parking space too.

J.Debono, 830351
The city gate was stored and is still there in the field opposite the school on the way to Luqa

joseph pirotta,
every country seems to have its own opera house and very proud of it, so what is wrong with us?

jane pirotta,

Nadia Pirotta,

Aaron Bugeja,

Christian Attard, 232586(M)
Shame Project

Mario Stellini, 49866m
Whatever was “wrong” with the old gate and Opera House?

Alex Camilleri, 212665 M
Grazzi tal-opportunita li inwasslu il-messagg taghna dwar dan il-proget tad-dahla tal-belt Valletta jiena ma naqbel xejn ma dak li hemm propost mal-pjanti ta’ Renzo Piano ghax il-belta kapitali taghna zgur li jixraqiha xi haga ahjar, belt fuq still barokka zgur ma jixraqx fiha binja moderna bizzejjed saru zbalji fuq il-bini tal-belt taghna matul is-snin nispera li ma ikomplux issiru aktar, jekk ma hemmx il-hsieb li jinbena kollox kif kien qabel ahjar jibqa kollox kif huwa ghalkemm tal-misthija kif aktar minn 60 sena wara il-gwerra u it-tijatru baqa ma tellax.

xxxxxxxx, 501955 M
I’m really against the Piano City gate.It’s really just like caRDBOARD boxes.The original Citygate was magnificent and we should stick to that theme.

xxxxxxxx, 591257
The plane of Piano is to modern for our City. I prefer to be a garden whit a tradisnal founten insted of the parlament for exsampel.

xxxxxxxx, 349189(M)
Totally agree !

Guido Grima, 383460M
Music is Sacred! Restore City Gate and the Royal Opera House to their former glory and grandeur. Shame on you if you dare to violate our intelligence and culture! The Maltese people will resent you for ever!

Margaret Dahdah,
As a Maltese citizen and patriot I feel that this new version of the OPERA House and the Valletta Gates should be REBUILD/RESTORED to THEIR original State. The idea of having an open roof to the opera House is NOT a great idea. The weather and the Inviornment has changed since its original state, having it open will bring polution and everything else – like those pigeons that are continously hovering there.
We (canadian) – outsiders from malta – as some of you might call us, still feel that the countrys’ beauty is in its HISTORICAL BUILDINGS, its’ BASTIONS (WALLS), its’ CHARACTER, WHY DO WE HAVE TO MAKE IT LOOK MODERN when its part of the “the GOOD OLD HISTORICAL TIMES”. I read maltese novels and the BEST PART OF THEM is when they Mention the historical buildings and Gates, and grounds, this is what remindes me of home.

xxxxxxxx, 0886954M
Mr Gonzi
Seems to me you’re a very stubburn man and you don’t listen to your citizens. We as a nation we don’t want Piano’s project It doesn’t suits our heritage Look at the design the city gates looks like when CLEOPATRA entered Eygpt and the opera is sitting on bunch of match sticks too modernize for our old city So if you want to impress the whole nation I suggest you do want we want you to do We want the old ROYAL OPERA HOUSE AND THE OLD CITY GATES

Bernard A Vassallo, 162246(M)
Piano’s plans are hopeless, do not respect Valletta’s architectural harmony. Original Gate and Opera House should be built.

xxxxxxxx, 569262M
It would be nice to regain the same Opera House that was taken from us in 1942, allowing us to regain the beauty that once laid there.

xxxxxxxx, 0050793M
All my life I have been told about this majestic Opera House. By looking at the photos, I couldn’t help but wish that the gouvernement decides to rebuild it. Please give us back the Royal Opera house!!!!

Godwin scerri, 858144m
Valletta City deserves better

Carmelina Felice, 63946m

Anthony Busuttil, 147159M

xxxxxxxx, 932551(m)

charles john camilleri,
build the city gate to its original glory Valletta deserve it

xxxxxxxx, 357582(M)

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