VLOG: Central Europe Tour ends with Brno in Czech Republic

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So the final video in the Central Europe Tour series has been uploaded. You can enjoy it and the other videos here. Filmed pre-covid.

After going out in the Bojnice castle in Slovakia, we go to Brno for a city tour! The Tour of the City takes us to places like Freedom Square and the phallis shaped Astronomical Observatory!


Highlights of the other videos include Bratislava (capital city of Slovakia) and also Budapest (capital of Hungary).

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What to do and see in Hammersmith London, after the pandemic

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While now you can’t really enjoy travel without quarantine periods, the news about the vaccine means that one can hope for more normality in travel in the future. Why not plan a post-pandemic trip? Here are some tips based mainly on my personal experience. Let me give you my recommendation on what to do and see in Hammersmith, London, UK.

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VLOG: Fort Manoel 2019 Visit

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Back last year I visited Fort Manoel.  It’s on Manoel Island and was recently restored by MIDI. This was a little video I filmed, enjoy.

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