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Notte Bianca 2010 Programme – Cantilena being Exhibited

This year Malta’s very popular Notte Bianca (White Night) will be held on the 25th September 2010 in Valletta.. hoping the weather holds..

Please note the corrected time for Ya Habibi Dance School.

At Cavalier House in Old Mint Street, Valletta, tonight there will be an exhibition held at the initiative of Lands Parliamentary Secretary Jason Azzopardi, will include the Cantilena by Pietru Caxaru – the oldest record available of the Maltese language. Caxaru’s Cantilena has not been shown in public for the past 10 years.

It was found by Prof. Geoffrey Wettinger and Fr Mikiel Fsadni back in 1966.

More information will be posted here.

A few¬† videos from last year’s Notte Bianca:

Traditional Maltese Wedding:

Eve Ransom:

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