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Did Nostradamus Really Predict September 11's New York Attack on the us

Reuters says that Internet chat rooms are abuzz with talk that 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus foresaw the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York.

Thousands of people have received e-mails containing this prophecy, often with a second part forecasting that the attack on the twin towers will mark the beginning of World War III.
Several versions are doing the rounds. This is one of them:

"In the year of the new century and nine months
From the sky will come a great King of Terror
The sky will burn at forty-five degrees
Fire approaches the new city."

The text corresponds roughly to a verse in Nostradamus’s Century (section) Six, Quatrain 97. Several books on Nostradamus have speculated that this quatrain’s first line refers to September 2001, the ninth month in the first year of the new century, while the 45 degrees is interpreted as the latitude of the city of New York.
But New York lies just below 41 degrees latitude and Nostradamus’s verse does not mention a great war, contrary to what several e-mails say. Some say that 40.5 which is the latitude of New York was represented as “5 and 40” in the original text. In many e-mails, the verse comes with a second part, which seems harder to link to Nostradamus:

"In the city of York there will be a great collapse
Two twin brothers torn apart by chaos
While the fortress falls the great leader will succumb
Third big war will begin when the big city is burning".


“(This second quatrain) is NOT by Nostradamus,” read a statement on, a website for Nostradamus study.

Hoax or not, various versions of the verse are being forwarded by the thousands every day.
Without judging on Nostradamus’ life, one can say that he was involved in the occult, thus his ‘prophecies’ may be incorrect as a result.

On the other hand one can see that the warning given by Mystic Maria Esperanza (click here to read it) back in January 2001 was quite accurate. Also as seen in the same link, the visionary Josyp Terelya had a vision of tanks along the Amur River dividing Russa and China. Both Maria and Josyp are catholics who are reporting messages which they receive from God and Our Lady.

Ukrainian Catholic Mystic Josyp Terelya warns of War (REPOST from 2001)

This was originally posted on Malta Network Resources back in January 2001. It is being reposted for your interest.

Please note that Malta Network Resources accepts the ultimate authority of the catholic church with regards to the late Terelya’s prophecies and their authenticity. We make no judgement on this.

Submitted by: TInfZ

An ukrainian, Josyp Terelya, experienced visions of Our Lady while he was kept in the Soviet Gulags. He has in the past met with Pope John Paul II. He is now saying that unless there is radical conversion in the world, a great war will break out.

terelya pope

It will be within the next thirty years, but it could also come even at the end of this year” Terelya claims. Terelya spent about twenty years imprisoned for being a Catholic. On February 12th 1970 and on the same day in 1972 he experienced visions of the Virgin Mary while he was in Special Corpus Two at Vladimir Prison north of Moscow.

Recently (January 2001 when this page was originally written) the mystic Maria Esperanza claimed that foreign countries were eyeing the United States, and two nations (one small and one big) might join to oppose America, from the inside. Interestingly, a few days only after this warning, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a historic visit to Cuba.
ADDITION ON 21st September 2001: This warning seems to have spoken of the WTC terror attack in the USA.

In his book, Witness, Terelya had accurately prophecised a vision of eight men staging a coup in Moscow, Russia. Weeks after the book came out, eight men assumed control from Gorbachov in August 1991. In visions, he saw fires all over Russia and tanks along the Amur River dividing Russia and China. Later, in 1987, Our Lady appeared to him for the third time at an abandoned chapel in Hrushiv, Ukraine. Our Lady foresaw “a large field of flames” inscribed with the names of many nations. “There is not even time to dig graves“, Mary told him, apparently. “There is no water. The heavens and the earth are on fire. Who wants to receive the grace of God should pray constantly and take upon himself voluntary penance”, Our Lady told him. “Be merciful. Remember that the Rosary will preserve mankind from sin and perdition. How many warnings must mankind be given before it repents? You can save the world by your prayers.

Terelya is hopeful indeed, for in the former Soviet republics, people are flocking to churches, but this must be nurtured to prevent a massive nuclear holocaust. Of course one must discern Terelya’s words.

The warnings come at a time when the Jubilee was closing, and Pope John Paul II was planning visits to Ukraine, and to Malta. Months before the Pope had entrusted the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, following a request made decades ago by Our Lady at Fatima.

At Fatima our lady warned back in 1917 that without conversion, and this conversion is not complete yet, Russia would cause the “annihilation” of nations. This could be spiritual (atheistic, materialistic) or physical. At Fatima, a final period of peace was promised. Now, those who read the Catechism of the church know of a section which explains that in the world true (complete) peace can never come, before Christ returns in Glory. So, those who think that we are living in a special “period of peace” right now, are mistaken. The Pope himself confirmed this when he closed the Jubilee doors – he warned us not to be triumphalistic. How can you call this a period of peace when there are people dying and suffering? This is still a period of suffering and tribulations. Individual people have experienced peace, and even more will. But the entire world will know the true peace eventually. The prophet Isaiah wrote that the entire world will eventually get to know the glory of God. And do you know what that glory is? It is the Holy Spirit. It is an eventual Pentecost. When that occurs, and it is very much connected to the Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, it will lead to THE “period of peace”. And not necessarily immediately. Indeed there may be horrific events AFTER the warning and PRIOR to the “period”. Yet the “period” will be infinite, ever ending. Of course in the world there is and there will be those who deceive, deception. The confusion in this is allowed by God, to assist in the separation between the wheat the chaff. The best way to describe this could be “The serpent, however, spewed a torrent of water out of his mouth after the woman to sweep her away with the current…..” [Rev. 12:15-17]

The same catechism paragraph talks about the deception of believing that a period of peace can take place within the world as it currently stands. Somebody could be very interested in getting people to believe that we live in a period of peace, when in reality (as Terelya claims) a cloud of evil is encircling the world. Terelya now lives in Toronto’s outskirts with his wife, Olena and three children aged 23, 17 and 16. Terelya’s visions have not been formally investigated by the Church. He claims that the coming war will be delayed if Ukraine joins NATO (as this would bring Western arms in better striking distance of Russia). He says “There is going to be a big fight between East and West. Russia, China and Arabic countries will fight and then fight each other. Putin now has a friend in Cuba and a place for Russian submarines. The United States has let Russia consolidate its power. There will be two more world wars.

The Pope today, January 6th, emphasised that while the Jubilee Doors were closing, the doors of God’s Mercy will never close! But one must want to accept this Mercy. God does not force it on us. What is clear is that one must, always and daily, keep looking towards Christ, worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth and living in Christ.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, the gift of Pope John Paul II to the Catholic World, warns us:

[675] Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers… The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh.

[676] The Antichrist’s deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgment. The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the “intrinsically perverse” political form of a secular messianism.

[677] The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God’s victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from Heaven….

Prophecies from Josyp Teresya about September 11 (link unavailable)

New Revelations from Josyp Terelya (during time of 2nd Gulf War with Iraq)


This article originally appeared on the Spirit Daily website.

ned dougherty

Ned Dougherty

Ned Dougherty, a Catholic famous for a near-death experience during which he was given prophecies (including one that foretold the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks in Washington and New York), has issued a stark warning for the coming period of military action in Iraq and the Middle East, as well as other areas. It is being submitted for your discernment. Like any other such prediction, it should be considered and then prayed about, not become a centre of any obsession. With prayer — and Jesus Christ — there is always more light and hope than darkness.

Prophecies by Gottfried von Werdenberg – Does it refer to the Jupiter event?

My comment: Does this prophecy by Gottfried von Werdenberg have a reference to a particle bombardment resulting from the Jupiter Galileo Event and the Warning?

Also, of particular interest to us in Malta, is the mention of the use of a nuclear weapon by the Russians in the Adriatic Sea in the Mediterranean. This would cause pollution, side-effects and major flooding.

Src: Internet postings

Vision 2004

Gottfried von Werdenberg July – August 1995

NOTE: Although the words underneath were written some years ago, they still contain valuable information.

Original author’s comments:The events prophesied have not yet happened, have not happened in the years forecast. But, please, realise many forecasted events have been postponed some 4 or 5 years because of the prayers of many.
That makes it clear the first events given underneath will come soon. No prophecy is complete as to future events, and this prophecy is no exception.
Although some cosmic events are named, the Great Warning is not expressly mentioned.
Neither is spoken about the Great Miracle, or the reign of the Antichrist.
The transition to the happy state on the New Earth is only described superficially.
This prophecy concentrates on the events of the War, preceding (and following ?) the Great Warning, mainly in Europe.


An extraordinary Seer is living in Austria. All that he has prophesied to date has happened. Very many people bear witness to this fact. He sees himself in a situation whereby he experiences the coming years, the Third World War, the cosmic events, and the first few years of the coming epoch of Genesis. He saw all of it like a film before his eyes. The Seer’s name will not be given; he shies publicity and does not want visits from curiosity seekers.


  • The collapse of the Reichsbruecke (bridge) in Vienna;
  • The nuclear disaster of Harrisburg, U.S.A.;
  • The nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl, Russia;
  • The dissolution of the Soviet Union;
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification;
  • The Middle East War (against Iraq);
  • Civil War in Yugoslavia

Even the period given was correct. [Perhaps then,] his other visions will also come true during the next few years. We do not publish excerpts from the book to frighten our readers but to warn and prepare them. Those who did not want to believe the Prophets of the Old Testament (and in our century the messages of Our Blessed Lady and Our Lord, Jesus Christ) but preferred to continue their sinful life, found out the hard way what it meant to ignore God. We live in a world worse than theirs.

The following was found but I have not confirmed it is genuine.

 Perhaps then, his other visions will come true also in the coming years



There will not be an energy crisis, political or otherwise, in the near future in Middle and West Europe.  However, do not depend on oil or gas. Coal and Wood will celebrate a comeback.  Before the Third World War begins, Russia will cut supplies of gas and oil to other nations.  In addition, there will be a second military conflict in the Saudi Arabian region before World War III.  There will not be another Chernobyl disaster before World War III.  The energy crisis will come, however, before World War III.


Small farm-holders should not sell. They will be safe.  Today’s policy of “chemical [treatment]” will not last long.  ONLY THOSE LIVING IN THE COUNTRY WILL SURVIVE THE WAR.  Happy are those who will have a small farm.


Germany, France, Italy, but also England have many foreign subjects.  Many countries will experience public unrest, a kind of civil war.  Shortly before the outbreak of World War III, many people from East Europe and South East Europe will pour into West Europe.  Islamic members will grow in strength and confront Christianity.


Germany’s economic power will come to an end.  The ‘economic miracle’ will be finished for ever.  Germany will not recover economically before World War III.  She will bleed.  She cannot cope with her position as the treasurer for the whole world, the cost of her reunification, and the recession to come.  Taxation will become unbearable for her people; the standard of living will fall, and the economy will become desolate.


The Czech and Slavic countries will remain stable until World War III. They will not suffer events like those currently going on in the former Yugoslavia.  However, they will suffer very much during World War III.


The current civil war will finish shortly before World War III, probably with the help of foreign participation.


Poland will suffer a grave, armed conflict in the near future, probably in the South.  The reason is not known.  It might be connected with the civil unrest in neighbouring nations: e.g. in Germany.  Political stability and peace have finally ended.


From the mid-90’s onwards, inflation will rise in Europe, but there will not be a complete currency collapse.  The economic and monetary bankruptcy will come before the civil wars and merge without problems into World War III.


Russia will remain politically stable, materialistic, and atheistic. People who keep saying that Russia is beginning to be converted, as Our Blessed Lady stated at Fatima, show complete ignorance and confused mind. Together with other global powers, Russia will remain godless.  Even the increasing number of Christians will not change this fact.  The real conversion of Russia comes after World War III.  This is the only true meaning of the Message of Fatima.  Military leaders will take over power in Russia before World War III.

The youth in Western Europe have no interest in joining the armed forces. This will have grave consequences in the coming war.  Governments should provide powerful and effective defenses, efficient protection against pollution, and a restrictive policy for foreign subjects.  U.S. forces will withdraw completely from Europe, thus making matters easier for the Russians.  The chaos will be perfect.  [Setting for the great Warning ?]

The decade of the 90’s belongs also to Satan.  The destruction of children and youth by an awful school system, drugs, pornography, sex education, etc. will continue.  Immorality is flourishing, family values are ridiculed, bad examples (e.g. pop and film stars) are idolised.  Socialism will gain strength again, especially the influence of the extreme left will grow.


China is the only exception economically.  She will continue to grow.  A clever leadership will use the one-billion people.  Their demands are very modest; cheap labor in agriculture and industry combined with modern Western technology provide huge profit for China which she will use to strengthen her armed forces with modern weapons.  China will become a super-power and, like Japan, it has a homogeneous population which is very beneficial  for a nation, unlike the Western nations and Russia where many foreign nationals and ethnic minority groups live.



It will be beautiful summer’s day in Austria; no cloud to be seen in the sky. People in the village are excited; they look towards the sun which begins to darken.  It is approximately 10 o’clock normal time, not summer time. Whilst the sun is getting darker, dust is covering earth.  It is not the usual solar eclipse but a kind of fog in the universe far outside of our atmosphere.

The sky is getting darker.  At first there are only a few stars, then more and more appear.  One is able to see them at first in the west, then in the north.  There are no stars in the east and in the south where the sun was last seen.  There is no moon.  It is a normal clear sky illuminated by the light of the stars.  One is still able to identify the ground, but one cannot read any writing.

Suddenly the stars disappear.  Complete darkness is covering the earth.  A few minutes pass; now it is getting brighter.  One is able to see the surrounding area.  There is no sun.  Billions of white dots can be observed in the East.  It is like a rain of glowing fire moving from East North East to West South West very quickly.  It is hitting the ground like a heavy fall of hail.  The glow turns from white to yellow then to glowing red before hitting the ground.  They fall in distances of 50m (165 ft.) to 100m (330 ft.) apart; they make no noise.

When they hit the ground they look like dust particles or grains of sand. Some are as big as a child’s fist.  The villagers do not seek cover; they do not appear to be afraid.  The time between the sighting of the particles in the north east and their hitting the ground is a matter of seconds, maximum a minute or so.

Once the particles hit the ground, it becomes bright again.  A fierce storm begins to blow now from the east and creates fire; it drives before it the fierce fire.  The grass is burning; forests are burning; fields are burning; barns, sheds, and farm buildings are on fire; houses and factories are burning, too.  The sun will not shine again on this day.

The cause of the rain of glowing fire might be a comet, directly or indirectly responsible for it.  The seer is unable to tell.  The time of year is the summer, PROBABLY THE FIRST HALF OF AUGUST.  The year is not given but it could be any year from 1995 onwards.


The destruction of New York will not be part of World War Three.  IT WILL HAPPEN BEFOREHAND.

The seer can’t give the year (God has His own reason).  New York is destroyed by the hatred of Islamic-Arab circles.  It is probably connected with the U.S. engagement in the second – and still to come – Middle East war; but in any case it is done in reply to something that the Americans have done to the Arabs.  THE SEER HAS SEEN THE DESTRUCTION OF NEW YORK IN ALL DETAILS.

It is beautiful early summer weather in Austria.  It could be noon.  The year is not known, but it is speculated (based on indications) that IT COULD BE 1998, PLUS OR MINUS A YEAR, BUT REMEMBER, THIS IS ONLY SPECULATION.

NEW YORK WILL BE DESTROYED BY SEVERAL SMALL NUCLEAR DEVICES, ONE OF THEM COULD BE A SMALL ATOMIC BOMB.  The main nuclear device is probably launched from a ship; the missile will fly in a curve and explode behind a large building facing the sea.  Buildings will not collapse immediately.  The waves created by the nuclear explosion, will shift whole buildings; some may lean a few degrees.  However, the result is that they will break up at the base.  If one watched the spectacle from the sea, IT WOULD SEEM AS IF THE SKYSCRAPERS WERE WALKING TOWARDS THE SEA BUT SLOWLY DISAPPEARING INTO THE GROUND.

Manhattan will be flattened completely.  New York’s suburbs will not be harmed, only New York’s centre will be destroyed.

Radio and television in Europe will report the events.  Words will not be minced.  People will say that what the Americans did to the Arabs was abominable, but to destroy New York is going too far.

The destruction of New York will have no consequences for Europe, where no eminent signs of a forthcoming war are visible.


The rain of glowing fire can considered a warning that World War Three is close.  The same applies to the destruction of New York.  Even the armed conflict in the Middle east which will take place on Arabian soil and include Saudi Arabia, but does not involve nuclear weapons, is a sign of a major war to come.  The U.S.A. will invade Saudi Arabia’s oil area but will be defeated.

Prior to WW3 there will be war in Africa, from the North to the South. The fate of South Africa is not known, but people are warned not to emigrate to South Africa.  ONLY THE WEST OF THE AFRICAN CONTINENT WILL SURVIVE RELATIVELY UNSCATHED.

Before World War Three, power in Europe is held by the radical left. Bolshevism and Communism celebrate a renaissance.  Christendom and Church suffer persecution by leaders of the extreme left, ESPECIALLY IN ITALY AND FRANCE.

The multi-national society will show its multinational crimes.  Attacks, theft, murder, drugs, rape, will be daily occurrences.  There will be civil war in France, Italy, and England.  Germany will suffer a similar situation, also countries in Northern Europe.  BOHEMIA (THE CZECH AND SLOVAC NATIONS) WILL REMAIN STABLE.

The energy crisis will reach its peak before World War Three.

Shortly before the outbreak of World War Three, millions of people from the East and South East of Europe will flood West European Nations.

The chaos in Europe begins approximately at the same time, or shortly after, the American forces have completed the greater part of their withdrawal from Europe.


Immorality, the absence of love for one’s neighbour, and a refusal to serve in the armed forces will reign supreme.  War in West Europe is the punishment for it all.

Russia will be ruled again by an authoritarian red regime.  They will reassure the West of their “peaceful co-existence”, and many West Europeans will be blinded by it.


There will be no war in Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) until… The year is not known, the signs could point to 1998 plus or minus a year ago, but be careful, this is only speculation.

First it will be Austria’s turn, then Germany’s, then Switzerland’s; this is certain.  THE MILITARY CONFLICT WILL BE FINISHED AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY.  Cosmic events, like the fall of comets, and earthquakes may last a little longer.

The military conflict will last approx. 2 years; somewhat less in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  The Russians will first occupy Austria for her strategic importance.  There will be very little resistance by the Austrians.  The U.S.A. will not intervene.  The Russians will steal what they can so as to keep their troops fed.  Any resistance will be useless. When the civil war in Italy reaches its peak, Russia will invade it.

Approximately at the time of the Russian occupation of Austria, civil war will rage at its worst in Italy and France ruled over by godless extreme left-wing governments.  THE CLERGY IS BEING PERSECUTED.  There will be mass murder and violent plunder.

The social outcasts, the mob, are a danger for all countries which share borders with France and Italy.  These murdering and plundering hordes show no mercy.  They will also destroy Rome, and Paris, set alight by the mob, will burn like a torch.  In any event due to the war, large cities and towns will be destroyed more or less.  SURVIVAL IS ONLY POSSIBLE IN THE COUNTRY AND IN SMALL VILLAGES.

The FIRST NUCLEAR WEAPON will be used in Europe in the Mediterranean. Many nuclear bombs will be exploded high in the sky above the Adriatic Sea, from the North to the South.  The consequences are, of course, major flooding in that area.  Shock waves can be felt in Austria and Germany.

The nuclear attacks by the Russians in the Adriatic Sea and later in the North Sea, are meant solely for the destruction of enemy ships operating there.  There will also be a war in the Balkan countries, from Albania to Bulgaria to Turkey.  However, the Russians will lose the battles.

China will help Europe, indirectly and with great reluctance.  Chinese troops will fight the Russians in Central Europe.  On their way to Europe, the Chinese will conquer South Russia, and their many, small tanks will be superior to the Russian tanks.  The Russian troops will be defeated.

The European population is suspicious, but they do not hate the Chinese; they hate the Russians.

At first, the Chinese and Russians, will fight each other with conventional weapons in Lower Austria and in the Czech Republic, north of the Danube.  The front will be broken three times.  Many, many people will die as a result of the tank battles which will destroy the whole era.  No stone will be left unturned in Lower Austria and in the Czech Republic.

A similar fate will be experienced by other nations worldwide.  The U.S.A. and Canada will be devastated…

As the war progresses, Russian troops will invade Western Europe.  The latter has no real resistance to offer against the Russian.  The total defeat of Germany by the Russians is avoided only with the aid of Germany’s space vehicle.  It is able to remain suspended in space, and is equipped with a revolutionary engine, electromagnetic gun and a machine that can fire lightning bolts.  This space vehicle is superior to what the Russians have, and can destroy even the most modern missiles.

By now, half of Europe and half the world is a heap of rubble.  Now the Americans decide to help Europe.  Gigantic battles will take place with the most horrific weapons systems.  AT LEAST one nuclear battle will take place in the North Sea.  All countries bordering the North Sea, will be affected.

Gigantic waves will flood England, Belgium, Holland, North Germany, and Denmark.  The sea waves, caused by a Russian nuclear explosion in the North Sea, are more than 75 m (250 feet) high.  They spread quickly and grow even more.  Their power is fierce, and they do not only destroy London but also large parts of Southern England.

Back to Central Europe.  The Czech Republic is a neutral nation. Nevertheless, Russia will occupy her, and the nuclear battles will destroy the whole nation.  Hell reigns in the western part of the Czech Republic. Nuclear and neutron bombs are used by the Russians and the Chinese in their first encounter.  The second battle is even worse.  The Chinese are trying to encircle the Russian forces, which are trying to escape to the north.

The vibration of the multiple nuclear explosions can be felt everywhere in Central Europe.  Whole mountain ranges are removed and flattened, in order to defeat the enemy.  One cannot describe the satanic brutality of the war.

A sulphur-yellow glowing fire rises above the West of the Czech Republic; it is perhaps the result of the exploded neutron bombs.  Then follows a short, powerful, white-yellow explosion which throws fire high in the sky. The fleeing Russians may have detonated their nuclear weapons STORED IN THE CZECH COAL MINES.  This is the last explosion in the Czech Republic, for NOW THE CRUST OF THE EARTH SPLITS OPEN.

The first eruption high into the sky shows the Crucified Lord, animated, with  His Wounds.  The world will shout: “There is a God!” Our Lord remains suspended in the sky, then slowly He takes on the form of a birch-tree (this has a special meaning, as a prophecy was made in Germany centuries ago in connection with a birch-tree).

Now tons of lava, stones, and debris are ejected into the air covering areas more than 100 km (63 miles) away from the centre.  The city of Prague will be covered completely by it, and nobody will be able to say in the future where Prague once stood.

Immediately after the earth crust splits open, THE MOST GIGANTIC EARTHQUAKE IN HUMAN HISTORY WILL SHAKE THE WHOLE PLANET FOR A WHOLE DAY. Nothing will remain standing on earth, but God will preserve some homes.

Immense quantities of poisonous gas are freed.  It will rise into the atmosphere and biosphere and create three, and more, days of darkness. The air is poisoned for days, but winds will drive the poisonous clouds to the East.

However, the war is not yet over, although one is fighting now with moderate means.  The Russians are now on the run.  European countries form a new army made up of volunteers.  The Russians are hated for this holocaust which they started.  Discipline and moral are gone in the Russian forces.  They are wiped out completely.  Not one Russian will see his homeland again.

Russia collapses.  The Communist leaders are being killed, and their historic guilt is now washed in the blood of millions of innocent dead people.

Survivors worldwide have nothing left.  Of six billion people on earth, approximately 600 million will be chosen to survive.  This is more than enough for our devastated planet.


After the war, there will be no hatred between nations.  Old historic borders will be established again, peacefully, so as to form homogenous nations.  The multi-national society is finished.  The Pope will give Germany an Emperor.  She will be given back all German-speaking countries and German lands in the North, South, East and West.

Even Austria and Switzerland voluntarily belong to the new German empire. Poland will return parts of Poland to Germany but will be given back her land in the East from Russia.  The Chinese will be given part of Siberia, and Italy – after a battle which she will lose – must return South Tirol to Austria.

All religious sects will be united in a cleansed and renewed Christendom; it will unite all nations in peace but without merging them and their cultures.

[This should be a reunification into CATHOLICISM.]

The Church will no longer be a worldwide, powerful institution.  Popes will no longer exist in the future.  Christendom, in its purest form, will enter the hearts of the survivors, and will not be used as an excuse for oppression and exploitation.

[The Papal succession WILL continue, at least through one or more  true Popes,  Peter II, or “Petrus Romanus”.]

Due to cosmic events – a collision between earth and another space body – the North Pole and the South Pole will move to a new position.  Earth will not be stable for some time to come because of minor earthquakes.

The Austrian seer has seen all this very clearly.  His is the only prophecy to date with so much detail.  The whole world will be in uproar. It will be useless to search for a safe haven abroad.  Even New Zealand and Australia, and some South American countries cannot be recommended. The law of the jungle will reign there, too, apart from a possible Chinese occupation of New Zealand and Australia.

In conclusion, the seer saw quite clearly the second Middle East conflict; the wars in Africa; civil war in European countries (France; Italy); similar unrest in England and Germany, also in other countries; a nuclear battle over the Adriatic Sea, and vast flooding as its consequence…

And … a nuclear battle in the North Sea, as gigantic flooding in the countries that border the North Sea; the burning of Paris; wild, lawless hordes from Italy and France threatening Austria, Switzerland, and Germany; the occupation of Austria, Italy, and the Balkans by Russia; war in the Balkans; great destruction in Hungary; battles in Central Europe; the Invasion of Germany and Western Europe by Russia; Russian and Chinese battles…

And … two nuclear battles in the Czech Republic; its escalation; the earth crust splits open; darkness on the earth; final battles in Germany and Poland; complete destruction of the Russian forces; Germany becomes an empire and is reunited with all her former lands; Russia collapses; just to mention the most important events to come, not necessarily in that order.

It is important to note that World War Three will be a chaotic event, less disciplined and organised than World War Two.  Civil wars are interspersed with the international war.  All this leaves one with the impression that everybody will be fighting everybody.  Do not forget the nonsense of esoteric groups and other sects that people from earth will be evacuated into space by aliens [Maitreya group].  Can you imagine an evacuation of some six billion people into space?

Compared with World War One and World War Two, God will select the survivors Himself.  All bad and evil people will die; but even the good ones will die.  Yet they have nothing to fear as their life will continue in Heaven.  The seer himself was clinically dead once, and can confirm life hereafter.

God is going to cleanse His earth which, after all, is part of His Kingdom.

ONLY 600 MILLION WILL SURVIVE, ONE IN TEN.  How much radioactive dust and poison will remain on earth after WW3 has not been revealed.  Fact is that, after the war, there will only be healthy people on earth including those cured by God during the Great Chastisement.  No one will speak of nuclear poison.

So one must assume God will also cleanse the earth from all poison, so that survivors can be engaged in farming and handicraft.  The people will be very happy, BUT THEIR STANDARD OF LIFE WILL BE PUT BACK TO THE STANDARD OF AROUND 1800 AD, i.e., no electricity, gas, oil, industry, television and radio, telephone, newspapers, motorcars, etc. etc.  It would not be possible without God’s help to toil the soil and survive, for mankind will have poisoned the earth for years to come.

The climate will change, too, in Central Europe.  It will become warmer, similar to the current climate in the North of Italy.  In the valleys, survivors will be able to grow citrus fruits.  Snow will only be on mountain tops.

The world will move apart again.  Distances become important again.  There will be no aircraft that will carry passengers to other lands.  Tourism is dead for some time to come.  There just is no public transport.  It is back to horse and carriage.

The golden era has begun.  People will live in harmony and on a higher spiritual level than before.