Prophecies by Gottfried von Werdenberg – Does it refer to the Jupiter event?

My comment: Does this prophecy by Gottfried von Werdenberg have a reference to a particle bombardment resulting from the Jupiter Galileo Event and the Warning?

Also, of particular interest to us in Malta, is the mention of the use of a nuclear weapon by the Russians in the Adriatic Sea in the Mediterranean. This would cause pollution, side-effects and major flooding.

Src: Internet postings

Vision 2004

Gottfried von Werdenberg July – August 1995

NOTE: Although the words underneath were written some years ago, they still contain valuable information.

Original author's comments:The events prophesied have not yet happened, have not happened in the years forecast. But, please, realise many forecasted events have been postponed some 4 or 5 years because of the prayers of many.
That makes it clear the first events given underneath will come soon. No prophecy is complete as to future events, and this prophecy is no exception.
Although some cosmic events are named, the Great Warning is not expressly mentioned.
Neither is spoken about the Great Miracle, or the reign of the Antichrist.
The transition to the happy state on the New Earth is only described superficially.
This prophecy concentrates on the events of the War, preceding (and following ?) the Great Warning, mainly in Europe.


An extraordinary Seer is living in Austria. All that he has prophesied to date has happened. Very many people bear witness to this fact. He sees himself in a situation whereby he experiences the coming years, the Third World War, the cosmic events, and the first few years of the coming epoch of Genesis. He saw all of it like a film before his eyes. The Seer's name will not be given; he shies publicity and does not want visits from curiosity seekers.


* The collapse of the Reichsbruecke (bridge) in Vienna;
* The nuclear disaster of Harrisburg, U.S.A.;
* The nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl, Russia;
* The dissolution of the Soviet Union;
* The fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification;
* The Middle East War (against Iraq);
* Civil War in Yugoslavia

Even the period given was correct. [Peraps then,] his other visions will also come true during the next few years. We do not publish excerpts from the book to frighten our readers but to warn and prepare them. Those who did not want to believe the Prophets of the Old Testament (and in our century the messages of Our Blessed Lady and Our Lord, Jesus Christ) but preferred to continue their sinful life, found out the hard way what it meant to ignore God. We live in a world worse than theirs.