Malta Votes for Divorce in Referendum 2011

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Today all over Malta and Gozo the Maltese are voting in the Divorce Referendum.
Voting Booths Photo Courtesy DOI
At around 7.30am on voting day, His Excellency the Archbishop of Malta Paul Cremona voted in the referendum.

He voted in the Attard Primary School which is the sole voting place in that region. This school has 13 voting boxes from number 443 to 455.
Opposition leader Joseph Muscat voted in Burmarrad at 11:30, while PM Lawrence Gonzi voted in Marsaskala at 10.30am.
The President of Malta George Abela voted at 10am in Marsaskala.

Voting opened at 7am and ended at 10pm. The Referendum campaign finished on midnight last Thursday. The Electoral Commission at that time stopped its distribution of voting documents.

Uncollected votes amount to 20775 which amounts to 6.4% of all registered voters for this referendum. It is almost four times larger than the last referendum held in Malta – the one held for Malta’s entry in the EU.

Comparing this with the last election for the MEP’s in 2009, uncollected votes amounted this time to 5000 more than that time.
There are 325,103 persons eligible to vote in this referendum.

Malta, gained its independence in 1964, and joined the European Union in 2004.

Voting turnout by district:
Section 1 71%
Section 2 71%
Section 3 72%
Section 4 73%
Section 5 72%
Section 6 70%
Section 7 72%
Section 8 73%
Section 9 71%
Section 10 71%
Section 11 75%
Section 12 69%
Section 13 70%

Total for all localities: 72%

After the unofficial result 54% Yes vs 46% No, PM Lawrence Gonzi has conceded the result to the yes camp meaning that divorce will be legislated in parliament.

Voti Mitfugha – Votes Polled 232691
Voti Validi – Valid Votes 230518
Voti IVA – Yes Votes 122547 (52.67%)

Voti LE – NO Votes – 107971 (46.4%)

Voti Invalidi – Invalid Votes 2173 (0.93%)

Official results can be found here

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toni tabone
toni tabone

only 38% of the whole lot voted yes in the divorce referendum in malta, in 2011.