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A Collection of Christmas Ideas

Things to do,read and listen to at Christmas
This Christmas , open your hearts to Jesus so He may be born again in your hearts in anticipation of His Second Coming in Glory. I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Holy New year. During Advent, may you be filled with the Holy Spirit rather than with a spirit of consumerism or laicism. Advent is about the second coming of
Jesus, not just about Christmas parties and xmas staff dinners. Let’s put Jesus back in our Christmas.


This Christmas, listen to Malta Network Resources Internet Radio – broadcasting in mp3 radio, songs of praise and in
Christmastime Christmas Carols also, through live365.

A dream, recounted by an MNRdotter, very much in tune with Advent as a preparation for
the second coming of Christ in Glory

This Christmas read up some recipes and crafts with the Christmas website by Reader’s Digest

Some Christmas tree decorating tips [about.com].

A Maltese Christmas Pantomine [Drama Home Page]

The Story of Silent Night, how it was composed. Also Silent Night in the Maltese language