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Game of Thrones Banned from Malta!

UPDATE: They have been invited to Malta once more.

The UK Daily Star has reported that Game of Thrones has been BANNED from filming in Malta!
We’ve seen various locations in Malta and Gozo – including Mdina – used as a filming location for this tv show. This included the scenes set at King’s Landing, the Dothraki Sea and the village of Lhazareen.


A problem arose with the marriage of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo which was filmed at the Azure Window, a popular tourist spot.

Even though special mesh was used to cover the area in “desert” sand, it was claimed they failed to clean up properly, damaging the fossil-rich site.

We’ve seen many movies and tv shows filmed in Malta throughout the years, including Gladiator, World War Z and Captain Phillips.

RIP Nirvana who lost her fight against cancer (Updated with Xarabank Video)

Maltese tv presenter Nirvana Azzopardi has lost her fight against breast cancer.RIP Nirvana

The 40 year old and mother of 2, died at home surrounded by her loved ones.


Since two years ago, she was suffering from an aggressive and rare form of breast cancer.

A walk in solidarity for her and against breast cancer was done in St Julians last January.

The cancer eventually effected her kidneys and even though several attempts were made, she lost her life.

Meanwhile, during these two years Nirvana had sued her Private Consultant for a misdiagnosis.

Nirvana prepared her own funeral and wrote a letter which was read by Fr Claude Portelli at the funeral.
She wrote “Do not wait until you are sick to tell the people you love that you love them…” among other things.

Xarabank has prepared a video about Nirvana which you can view below:


Becky Sighted in Dr Who fanfic?

The character Becky of the popular Maltese PBS tv show Undercover UC5 has drowned recently (in the last episode), and is believed dead but she has been seen now… by is-Sur Bert!

Only it isn't really her, but Compassion, the Doctor's new TARDIS in human form, now stuck in the form of Maltese policewoman Becky.

You can read this fanfic on Scirev.Net

Oddly enough Becky returns tonight on PBS… and she won't be a policewoman anymore (she resigns)…

The story takes place before tonight's first episode of the new series featuring Eileen Montesin (called DEJJEM TIEGHEK BECKY i.e. always yours Becky), naturally as Becky…

To make it clear, this is a crossover between UC5/DEJJEM TIEGHEK BECKY and DOCTOR WHO (the 8th Doctor from the BBC Books)