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Game of Thrones Banned from Malta!

UPDATE: They have been invited to Malta once more.

The UK Daily Star has reported that Game of Thrones has been BANNED from filming in Malta!
We’ve seen various locations in Malta and Gozo – including Mdina – used as a filming location for this tv show. This included the scenes set at King’s Landing, the Dothraki Sea and the village of Lhazareen.


A problem arose with the marriage of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo which was filmed at the Azure Window, a popular tourist spot.

Even though special mesh was used to cover the area in “desert” sand, it was claimed they failed to clean up properly, damaging the fossil-rich site.

We’ve seen many movies and tv shows filmed in Malta throughout the years, including Gladiator, World War Z and Captain Phillips.

Five Persons Dead in Military Plane Crash in Malta


Everyone this morning in Malta was shocked by the news of a Military Plane Crash. A aeroplane by the Luxembourg military allegedly was taking off to go on a military mission in Misrata in Libya, at 7.15am today.  News in Malta claimed that the plane was leased to Frontex, however on Twitter Frontex wrote that it “was not deployed by Frontex”.

The plane was of the twin-prop Metroliner type. The plane crashed near the road and the old Ħal Safi barracks.
So far it appears 5 persons are dead. It is not known whether other people are dead besides those in the plane.
RTK radio warned people not to go Ħal Luqa. Ambulances and fire engines went on the spot. Malta International Airport has been reopened with some delays in flights.

The BBC reported that Maltese authorities said that the flight had been part of a French customs operation to track illicit trafficking of drugs and people.
However French customs tweeted denying this: “Nous vous remercions pour vos messages mais aucun #douanier français n’était à bord de l’appareil qui s’est écrasé à #Malte”

The BBC wrote that an investigation into the causes of the crash is to be conducted by the French defence ministry, and French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed that three of the victims were ministry staff while the other two were contractors. French media is saying that the victims were DGSE members ie spies. DGSE is France’s external intelligence agency.

Vimeo video by Sylvana Zammit /

Source: Newsbook


YouTube video by Paul Pietka

Malta International Airport issued a statement on Facebook:


Frontex tweeted: