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Local Council 2015 Results

Today Saturday the local council votes were counted and results were announced by the DOI. Malta voted last Saturday in a Spring Hunting Referendum and Local Councils elections for a number of localities.

The PM announced a PL (Labour Party) win of 54%  (as opposed to 57% of four years ago) while PN (Nationalist Party) reduced the gap from 17% to 9%.

AD (Alternattiva Demokratika) was satisfied with its slight increase in votes in four localities and may retain its mayor in Attard.

Counting in Dingli concluded after a vote mixup was solved.


Overall counting still proceeds.

Image from DOI Facebook Page

Detailed count results can be found at:

Another Illegal Bird Shooting..

Another hunter has been accused of illegally shooting a protected bird, a lapwing, this morning between Birzebbuga and Hal Far.

CC BY by Koshyk

This Spring Hunting season opened after a referendum on spring hunting decided that hunting in spring should be allowed.
Yesterday a hunter shot a protected cuckoo in Manikata and a Twitter storm ensued. He was fined 2500 euros in court and had his hunting license suspended for three and a half years.


Twitterstorm enrages after first bird killed this Spring Hunting Season

Techopedia defines a Twitterstorm as being

“often started by a single person who sends his or her followers a message often related to breaking news or a controversial debate. Using a certain and often original hashtag, the tweet quickly spreads as people are notified of the message and then reuse the hashtag with subsequent retweets and tweets.”

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