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Malta’s Warrior Defeated At Eurovision 2015 Semifinal

Malta’s “Warrior”, Amber, has been eliminated at the Eurovision 2015 Semifinal.
Amber represented Malta in this year’s second Eurovision semifinal. She did not make it through to the final.

On the other hand, the other “Warrior” from Georgia, Nina Sublatti, made it through. Sublatti was very angry when on a Maltese radio show someone pretended to be Amber for a practical joke on Amber.
There will be many discussions on the topic now. My opinion: just send Gianluca again.


Local Council 2015 Results

Today Saturday the local council votes were counted and results were announced by the DOI. Malta voted last Saturday in a Spring Hunting Referendum and Local Councils elections for a number of localities.

The PM announced a PL (Labour Party) win of 54%  (as opposed to 57% of four years ago) while PN (Nationalist Party) reduced the gap from 17% to 9%.

AD (Alternattiva Demokratika) was satisfied with its slight increase in votes in four localities and may retain its mayor in Attard.

Counting in Dingli concluded after a vote mixup was solved.


Overall counting still proceeds.

Image from DOI Facebook Page

Detailed count results can be found at:



Malta Carnival 2015 Programme – Karnival ta’ Malta 2015 Programm u Rizultati

Malta Carnival 2015 will be held from Thursday 12th February to 17th February.

Feel free to join Malta Network Resources’ Carnival Facebook group at:


This post will be updated with results and new photos from this year’s Malta Carnival.

Meanwhile check out a couple of Carnival videos:



Tickets can be purchased here.

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