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Third Bird Shot in Spring Hunting Season

Yet another protected bird was shot by a hunter, according to press reports.


A woman walking her dog in Mizieb found this badly injured cuckoo bird, and contacted Birdlife, according to Birdlife.

A vet who examined the bird found that its wing was irrevocably damaged and the bird would never fly again. Thus the bird unfortunately had to be put down.

This was the third reported case in nine days. The persons involved were taken to Court.

Another Illegal Bird Shooting..

Another hunter has been accused of illegally shooting a protected bird, a lapwing, this morning between Birzebbuga and Hal Far.

CC BY by Koshyk

This Spring Hunting season opened after a referendum on spring hunting decided that hunting in spring should be allowed.
Yesterday a hunter shot a protected cuckoo in Manikata and a Twitter storm ensued. He was fined 2500 euros in court and had his hunting license suspended for three and a half years.


Twitterstorm enrages after first bird killed this Spring Hunting Season

Techopedia defines a Twitterstorm as being

“often started by a single person who sends his or her followers a message often related to breaking news or a controversial debate. Using a certain and often original hashtag, the tweet quickly spreads as people are notified of the message and then reuse the hashtag with subsequent retweets and tweets.”

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