How To Beat the Coming Cold Weather in Malta

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Here’s a list of tips on how to beat the coming cold weather in Malta.


  1. Close your Windows after sunset. Use your Purtieri (Curtains) too, as well as Blinds if you have them.
  2. Eat a traditional Soppa tal-Armla (Widow’s Soup) which will warm you up with it’s vegetable content, eggs, ricotta.
  3. Eat a traditional Christmas Cake which will warm you up with raisins.
    christmas cake
  4. The usual advice is to use Heaters, Airconditioners, and carpets to keep your room warm.
  5. Wear thermal garments. If you are still cold, use Under Layer thermal garments underneath your clothes.
    Obi Wan Kenobi wears thermal underwear
  6. Alcohol will only warm you up a little. Don’t overdo it.
    drinking bad Santa