Summer Carnival 2013 at Bugibba and Qawra – Programme and Photos Uploaded

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The carnival in summer this year is being organised by the Carnival Committee and supported by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Culture, the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, the MTA, St Paul’s Bay local council and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association. Last year it was not organised. The previous 2 years it was organised as a private initiative. All photos uploaded. Videos to be posted later on.

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The Malta Summer Carnival will be held in the main streets of Bugibba and Qawra on August 17 and 18, from 7pm.
7pm The Ġostra from ‘Ġostra Imsida’
8.30pm Carnival dancing by groups from the dance schools
1. Wild Strength Dancers led by Joanne Galea Dimech
2. Cutie Cute Dancers led by Josepha Scicluna
3. Acqua Blue Dancers led by Antonella Chircop
4. The Adonelle Dancers led by Adonelle Gauci
5. Żejtun Carnival Troupe led by Wendy Vella, with choreography by Christian Caruana
6. Valentine Dancers led by Karen Valentine
7. Vogue Dances led by Leanne Dimech Chetcuti
8.45pm Defilé with the participation of floats and isolated masks
1. Float by Alfred and Josef Baldacchino
2. Float by Charlie Briffa
3. Float by Paul Mizzi
4. Isolated mask by Clint Chircop
5. Float by Ryan Azzopardi
6. Float by Ronnie Spiteri, Silvio Zerafa and Joswa Borg – Trident Carnival Group
7. Float by Redeemer Casha and Bjorn Bonett
8. Isolated mask by Henry Caruana
9. Float by Paul and Jean Claude Chetcuti
10. Float by Elton Xuereb
11. Float by Raymond and Rodrick Zerafa – Toto Perżuta Team
12. Float by Shaun Curmi and Jean Paul Bonett
13. Float by Artikarta Carnival Company by Kevin Kruscer Chetcuti and Brian Bonnici

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