Morena/Malta eliminated in Eurovision 2008

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22/5/2008 – singer Morena representing Malta was eliminated in the PRESELECTION SEMIFINAL with her song 'Vodka'….

A professor Derek Gatherer has made a scientific study of Eurovision Voting patterns..”Comparison of Eurovision Song Contest Simulation with Actual Results Reveals Shifting Patterns of Collusive Voting Alliances”.. revealing some very unfair block voting as many people complain every time with Eurovision.

Meanwhile here's a nice Doctor Who fan music video with the Vodka song by morena.

26/1/2008 – singer Morena will be representing Malta with her song 'Vodka', she has just won the Malta Song for Europe festival..

she will represent Malta in the Eurovision 2008 semifinals..

Claudia Faniello ended up both 2nd and 3rd with her songs Caravaggio and Sunrise respectively.

Votes obtained were: 16979 – Vodka, 12714 – Caravaggio and 4518 – Sunrise.

Natalie Gauci, a Maltese singer from Australia, was the special guest for the festival. She had won Australian Idol.

Click on read more for the youtube clips of the songs.

1st Place: Morena – Vodka

2nd Place: Claudia Faniello – Caravaggio

3rd Place: Claudia Faniello – Sunrise