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Chinese Moon Festival in Malta (mon 28th sept 2009)

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Chinese Moon Festival in Malta
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Chinese and Maltese artists will celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival on Monday
in an evening of dance and music.

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Da Vinci Galletti using Genetically Modified (GM) Soya Beans

I just bought a packet of local galletti (water biscuits) and what do I find.. the galletti contain genetically modified soya beans.

So beware, if you decide to buy these galletti. It could be dangerous to your health. I will be avoiding this particular product in future.

For more information on why this is bad for your health, check out these sites:

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Carnival in Malta at risk?

The OPM – Office of the Prime Minister – has been warned in a letter by Carnival participants that next year’s Carnival activities may well have to be called off, unless they are granted a disused factory for use as a workshop.

This happened after Lands Office gave a notice to the participants that they would no longer be allowed to use Fort St Elmo for hosting their large floats.

Ghaqda Partecipanti tal-Karnival members said they had identified a disused government-owned factory in Marsa, being suitable for their purpose.
It was pointed out that promises of facilities or a Carnival Village have not been honoured.

It would indeed be a shame for Maltese Culture should Carnival be cancelled for this reason.

Perhaps a company could be formed by participants, using sponsorship to generate revenue for the purchase and upkeep of a special carnival factory.