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Pope Benedict XVI To Visit Malta In April 2010




EDIT: Pope Benedict will visit Malta on the 17th April 2010 and Sunday 18th April 2010, Archbishop Paul Cremona announced at the end of the 5th Catechetical Congress today. The Pope will visit youths at the Valletta Waterfront.

Originally published on 12th September 2009:
Pope Benedict XVI is set to visit Malta next april 2010, this is expected to be a one day visit, media reports said today.

Dr Alberto Gasbarri, the person responsible for the Pope’s voyages, will be in Malta next month for this purpose, the Curia confirmed.
The Maltese Government welcomed the announcement of the Pope’s visit on behalf of the Maltese people.

Last June, President George Abela invited the Pope to Malta. It will be Pope Benedict’s first visit to Malta.

Mass on the Granaries in Floriana will be the highlight of the visit which will be held to mark the 1950th anniversary of the arrival of St Paul in Malta.

Pope John Paul II had visited Malta twice – in 1990 and in 2001, the latter for the beatification ceremony of three Maltese.

Funeral for soldier Matthew Psaila held in St John of the Cross Parish Church

The funeral was attended by many people.. friends, relatives, soldiers from the armed forces of malta and residents of Ta’ Xbiex as well as the highest authorities – the prime minister and his wife, members of parliament and local council authorities..

Filmed on mobile in st john of the cross parish church, ta’ xbiex.
Funeral of a youth who died during military training – in Chadwick Lakes – in service of his country, Malta. The funeral was held on 18th February 2009 in St John of the Cross Parish Church, Ta’ Xbiex. Various priests con-celebrated the Mass including Ta’ Xbiex parish priest Fr Joseph Gerada and the Army Chaplain Fr Lawrence Zammit. The church was packed with people including Matthew’s parents, friends, soldiers, Ta’ Xbiex residents and also the highest civil authorities including the Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Opposition leader Joseph Muscat.

Parish priest Joseph Gerada said 19 year old Matthew was as energetic as a volcano.
He recalled an instance when Matthew asked him for a good funeral speech when he died. Fr Joseph had replied that he would be the first to die, so that would not be possible.
“He just shrugged. Today I am giving Matthew a last farewell,” he continued.
“In this world where everyone wants to say something, Matthew was the one who would silently listen instead”.
“The King of Kings noticed you were a good soldier Matthew, and He wanted you in His ranks” he continued.

Following the service, the burial was held in the AFM service personnel’s section at the Addolarata cemetery.

Il-funeral ta’ Matthew Psaila, zghazugh li miet waqt il-formazzjoni militari, fis-servizz ta’ pajjizu, Malta. Il-funeral inzamm fit-18 ta’ Frar 2009 fil-Knisja parrokkjali ta’ San Gwann tas-Salib, Ta’ Xbiex. Qaddsu diversi patrijiet inkluz il-kappillan Fr Joseph Gerada u l-kappillan ta’ l-Armata ta’ Malta Fr Lawrence Zammit. Kien hemm numru mdaqqas ta’ suldati, hbieb, familjari, residenti ta’ Ta’ Xbiex u anki l-oghla awtoritajiet tal-pajjiz – membri tal-parlament inkluz il-Prim Ministru. Matthew kien attiv fil-grupp taz-zaghzagh tal-parrocca ukoll.

Curia Confirms Faith Healer Ban (TMI)

The Malta Independent newspaper gave the full story on the confirmation of the Curia Ban on Edward Spiteri, describing him as a telepreacher and faith healer.

(To continue, click on “Read more”)

This is a copy of the first news item the Malta Independent on Sunday printed about this topic.

Malta Independent articles were removed from their site.
Malta Independent Editorial (doi.gov.mt)

UPDATE: Till this day (12/4/14) the Curia when contacted confirmed that the ban is still in force as the healing services by Catholic Revival Movement are still being organised. In Malta only Marana tha’, Fr Elija Vella and Fr Hayden Williams organise healing services with the required permission of the Archbishop. Others who are not priests are in disobedience of this.