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Statue of Our Lady (Madonna Tal-Ghar) in Birzebbugia, Malta, Cries Tears

Another statue of Our Lady has been crying tears of blood since last Monday, news reports said. This resin statue was in a private residence in Birzebbugia. Now it has been removed and the local church is expected to submit a report to the Vatican.

Tests have confirmed that the tears are indeed of human blood. The owners of the statue reported the fact to the Church authorities earlier this week after the statue was seen weeping again on Monday.

It was reported that the owners informed the village parish priest Dun Nikol Pace who advised them to contact the Maltese Curia.

The owners phoned and contacted Fr Ugo Cremona on the 23rd January 2006.
Back in 1999, a marble statue of Il-Madonna ta' l-Ghar (Our Lady of the Grotto) began to weep blood. This statue was located at the Church of the Dominican Priory in Rabat. In 2002, conclusive tests proved that the tears wept were actual human blood.

Malta Curia Issues Instructions on Healing Services and Prayer Meetings

Two years ago the Church Authorities in Malta had ordered a ban on some healing services, and these had continued to be held outside of churches just the same, disobeying those orders.

The Maltese Curia has issued on 18th February 2005, a press release pertaining to Healing Services and Prayer Meetings with praying for healing, which are held all over the Archdiocese of Malta and the Diocese of Gozo.

UPDATE: Till this day (12/4/14) the Curia when contacted confirmed that the ban is still in force as the healing services by Catholic Revival Movement are still being organised. In Malta only Marana tha’, Fr Elija Vella and Fr Hayden Williams organise healing services with the required permission of the Archbishop. Others who are not priests are in disobedience of this.