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Dream on the Second Coming of Christ

Updated for Advent 2003 and moved to portal section.

This was submitted by XAVIER to Malta Network Resources back in the beginning of 1999.



In the last part of December 1998, I happened to have a rather very strange dream. I do not usually remember any of my dreams, but, however this dream must have impressed me because I could not forget it and I could not get it out of my memory. I wondered if anyone else had a similar dream to mine.

The first time I dreamt this dream, the next morning I described it clearly to my family, then to some friends too. The dream was in colour and seemed to be a true event to me.


On the 30th or 31st December, 1998 I had a dream about the second coming of Christ the King on earth and it happened in this way:

I first saw the sky was getting darker, darker, and darker and then during these nights I suddenly saw a small hole which appeared with lots of beautiful rays coming out of this small spot which kept me wondering what it was. It couldn’t have been the sun because it was very late at night and at first I thought it was the moon shining through this small hole. If these rays were of the moon it was impossible for it to give such beautiful rays of light. The more you stared at these rays of light, the more you would like to look at its brightness. There were a lot of strange sounds in the sky too.

Then it started to take shape and a sort of hole was being formed in the clouds, where it started to look like that of a pyramid or the shape of a triangle with its tip pointed upwards.

The shape of the triangle was all the time also getting bigger and bigger and its rays were coming out even brighter and brighter from three different direction or angles of the empty space in a form of a triangle. The rays had also some kind of colours like white, red, blue and also silver with gold sparks. With this vision of these rays I felt a lot of happiness, while some people were afraid with fear, others like me looked for long time (hours) without even feeling hungry, tired, or fed up of these strange lights in the sky.

This shape of the triangle also reminded me of a sort of pyramid shape, but this triangle shape grew and grew by time up to a certain extent when the rays started coming out of its sides and suddenly also from it’s centre. When many hours had passed, I cannot recall how much time, but it was still dark. I started to see the sign of the cross in goldish colour, which was coming from the centre of this pyramid or triangle. Now at a certain point the triangle changed its shape and became sort of squarish. However this was in an oblong position and a figure of the cross which was standing upwards came touching the four corners again with rays coming from its centre too.

At this point the bright shining light which was coming from the cross was so bright that it made people feel again the joy of great happiness. On the other hand many others were so afraid that they could not bare to look at it and felt very sick, in fact they could not stand its brightness.

I felt that I was in heaven at that time and again now from the centre of the cross I saw a small cloud with seven stars and angles around its whitish cloud (brighter than snow) forming and getting bigger and bigger and moving towards the centre and out of the cross.

All around the cloud, which had “seven stars” under it, I could now also see the figure of a person, which I could not distinguish at first. But He was coming towards earth with his hands opened upwards as if He wants to embrace us all being His children. Then in my mind I had nothing except happiness with our Lord coming in full glory.

I felt very happy on that day and the brightness, which was much brighter than the sun by hundred thousand times, did not stop others and me from looking at it all day long.

I felt that I had to kneel down and pray, so I started praying and singing all the hymns which I had learned during prayer meetings, while many others did like me, with the exception of a few.

Then I started to see much clear the figure of God coming in His glory escorted with thousands of angels all praising God Almighty. The majority of the people which I saw all seemed to be very happy and holding hands whilst they all were singing many beautiful songs, others singing in tongues, others praying, while a few were so disparate with fear that they either died with fear or where dying.

The figure of our Lord Jesus Christ could be seen from any part of the world. In the background of this vision I also saw a large land (sort of paradise) with beautiful trees, people and with orange background and this vision later also formed part of our land (earth).

I had this dream for three consecutive times, when most of my time I never remember what I dream, this time I saw this dream very clear and colorful too. In fact I have so much experience in what I saw that I could write a book.

This dream reminded me of this passage from the Holy Bible “Prophecy of DANIEL” and from DANIEL we find Chapter 7 verse 13 to 14 which states: I beheld therefore in the vision of the night and lo, one like the son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and he came even to the ancient of days, and they presented him before him. 14. And he gave him power and glory, and a kingdom: and all people, tribes, and tongues shall serve Him: His power is an everlasting power that shall not be taken away and his Kingdom that shall not be destroyed.

Chapter 2 verse 19 to 23 of Daniel states: “19. Then was the mystery revealed to Daniel by a vision in the night : and Daniel blessed the God of Heaven, 20. And speaking he said: Blessed be the name of the Lord from eternity and for evermore: for wisdom and fortitude are his. 21. And he changeth times and ages: taketh away kingdoms and established them, giveth wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to them that have understanding. 22. He revealeth deep and hidden things, and knoweth what is in darkness: and light is with him. 23. To thee, O GOD of our fathers, I give thanks and I praise thee, because thou hast shown me wisdom and strength: and now thou hast shown me what we desired of thee, for thou hast made known to us the king’s discourse.”

When I had this dream, by luck during a wedding reception in early 1999 I met the local Auxiliary Bishop in Malta – Mons. DePasquale and told him about this dream or rather as I call it vision. He told me that I was very lucky to have been given this opportunity, but recommended me as to start daily praying to God so as to enlighten me if this was really coming from God or from someone else. This I did and I prayed to God for a whole week, day, night and afternoon, when after the sixth day, I felt that someone was telling me “XAVIER – Why have I given you this dream? Did not my Father send “John the Baptist” to announce my first coming on earth. So, yes, do tell everyone that I am coming very soon and unexpected”. Therefore, we all should Praise THE LORD like “David” did, for giving through me the joy and happiness to witness this most beautiful vision through my three dreams regarding the second coming of Christ and the end of times.

This was told to several other persons in Malta, USA, U.K. and elsewhere and you !