The Life of Nazju Falzon – To Be Beatified on Wednesday by the Pope

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Nazju Falzon (1813-1865) lived in Valletta, Malta. He lived a holy life based on humility and the love of God and neighbour. He recognised how to be of help to his neighbour by giving help. He converted many Maltese, and much more foreigners – including soldiers and sailors – to the Catholic faith.

Very reverend Henry Lloyd ex-chaplain of the Illustrious dies

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The very reverend Henry Lloyd has died, aged 89, in the UK.

He served in wartime on the aircraft carrier Illustrious in the Mediterranean, the latter was famous for escoring the Malta Convoy in 1942. He became the first Royal Navy chaplain to be awarded a DSO during WWII.

Madonna ta' l-Ghar publically accessible again

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According to a comment made by Fr. George Bezzina who presents the the RTK radio programme Nisimghek, it seems that the Madonna ta’ l-Ghar is publically accessible again.

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