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MH370 – The Mystery of the Century

Looks like the missing plane MH370 is turning out to be the mystery of the century. Apparently relatives have been told via Text messages to fear the worst that their relatives are most likely dead,how horrible being told like that via text message.

[From BBC News report]:

China has demanded that the Malaysian authorities make available the evidence on which they based their announcement about the jet’s fate.
And some relatives of Chinese passengers expressed scepticism about their conclusion, as the plane has not been found yet.

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10th Anniversary of September 11

A couple of days ago it was the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attack on the us.. our prayers are with those who lost someone during that day.

Some have asked me to post the images which this site posted of the WTC bombing showing a rather evil face. Well here it is… together with an enlarged closeup

While some will call this pareidolia (the art of seeing faces everywhere), these are the CONFIRMED original AP photos and were not modified in any way.

Photos Originally Posted by mnr on 2001/9/19 13:01:06

The original posting can be found here.

newspaper on  911 face of evil

International Night Held at Vivaldi Hotel 2010

An International Night was held recently at the Vivaldi Hotel, Paceville.

Here are some photos of the occasion:


Some videos from the occasion can be found below: