Voting for European Parliament representatives UPDATED

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81% of the electorate voted.

49% MLP
40% PN
10% AD

It is UNOFFICIALLY estimated that two MLP and two PN candidates have been elected. Apparently the
Alternattiva candidate has not obtained enough votes (from those who usually vote PN) to get a seat. It is to be seen if those votes go to MLP or PN, and it is entirely possible that it will go to MLP, giving the party which was anti-EU a majority of seats (3) in the European Parliament. Some of their candidates are still euro-sceptics to this day and have said it loud and clear. The PM Dr Lawrence Gonzi had mentioned this possibility as a result of people voting for Alternattiva Demokratika instead of PN. This is what happened.

PN's Joe Saliba said that the majority of votes went towards Labour (MLP).

The Bishops of Malta and Gozo had stated that it is one's duty as catholics to vote for those candidates who were not pro-abortion, pro-divorce etc, but it seems that the electorate did not follow this. In fact many people interviewed on tv even were not aware of this statement of the Bishops.

On Satuday 12th June 2004 Malta and Gozo voted for its European Parliament representatives.

You can find information at the European Parliament website or at the Electoral Commision website. The latter site will publish results too.

Watch this site instead for any unofficial results that I may be aware of..