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My first Solo Travel in 2021: Netherlands’ Fantastic Albert Cuyp Market

So finally I’m back travelling in 2021 and it’s not a staycation this time. I travelled on a solo trip to the Netherlands.

This is my market hunt video. I’m in Amsterdam West and I travel by bus and train De pijp metro to get to the Albert Cuyp Market, one of the most famous markets in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. It’s in Albert Cuyp street (Albert cuypstraat), of course. The Albert Cuyp Markt or Market is Europe’s largest daily street market located on Albert Cuypstraat in the De Pijp area of the Ouid-Zuid district of Amsterdam, between Ferdinand Bolstraat and Van Woustraat. The street and market are named for Albert Cuyp, a painter from the 17th century. I check out various things including some great American dutch cookies (by Dam Brownies) and an Arabuccino by Darras! No idea what that is? Then Check out the video. I also talk about my popular videos Ara Doris and Libyan dancing.


And the following is my flight from Malta to the Netherlands Schipol airport. More videos to follow.

Malta is open to tourists once more from the 1st June 2021

So Malta is reopening itself to tourists on the 1st of June 2021 after the second wave. Prior to today, tourists could come to Malta without a negative test, & undergo a paid-for rapid test at the airport. As of today, they have to present a Negative PCR test or a VALID Maltese Vaccine Certificate. Not presenting a PCR test prior to boarding will result in denied boarding. No foreign vaccination certificate will be accepted unless we have a bilateral certificate recognition agreement with ANY country, or till 1st July, when the EU-wide Digital Green Certificate will be used, and bilateral agreements with 3rd countries thereafter only. Mask-wearing is also no longer mandatory on beaches. Please check updated information as this may change in future.

The Gut Malta: Walking in Strait Street Valletta

Realised I hadn’t posted this video here..

The Gut Malta: Walking in Strait Street Valletta, Malta’s Historic Red Light Area on 1st May 2021. I review its history, showing some old photos while walking in the street. You might not be able to visit Malta right now, this way you can see it. Known as “The Gut”, or “Strait Street” (Strada Stretta in Maltese), this street was the focus of entertainment, nightlife and even prostitution ever since the 18th century up to the mid-20th century when the soldiers, sailors and Maltese would meet up here. Barmen and Maltese ladies pined for the British sailors here. It’s still vibrant, though not right now due to the pandemic. In the evenings there are bars and live music. Following Malta’s independence in 1964, and thus the lack of foreign servicemen, it effectively closed down. But the stigma of the place remained. Marks and Spencer opened an annexe in the street in 2003 and built a bridge to “protect” customers and bring them over the street instead of along it.