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Carnival in Malta at risk?

The OPM – Office of the Prime Minister – has been warned in a letter by Carnival participants that next year’s Carnival activities may well have to be called off, unless they are granted a disused factory for use as a workshop.

This happened after Lands Office gave a notice to the participants that they would no longer be allowed to use Fort St Elmo for hosting their large floats.

Ghaqda Partecipanti tal-Karnival members said they had identified a disused government-owned factory in Marsa, being suitable for their purpose.
It was pointed out that promises of facilities or a Carnival Village have not been honoured.

It would indeed be a shame for Maltese Culture should Carnival be cancelled for this reason.

Perhaps a company could be formed by participants, using sponsorship to generate revenue for the purchase and upkeep of a special carnival factory.

Becky Sighted in Dr Who fanfic?

The character Becky of the popular Maltese PBS tv show Undercover UC5 has drowned recently (in the last episode), and is believed dead but she has been seen now… by is-Sur Bert!

Only it isn't really her, but Compassion, the Doctor's new TARDIS in human form, now stuck in the form of Maltese policewoman Becky.

You can read this fanfic on Scirev.Net

Oddly enough Becky returns tonight on PBS… and she won't be a policewoman anymore (she resigns)…

The story takes place before tonight's first episode of the new series featuring Eileen Montesin (called DEJJEM TIEGHEK BECKY i.e. always yours Becky), naturally as Becky…

To make it clear, this is a crossover between UC5/DEJJEM TIEGHEK BECKY and DOCTOR WHO (the 8th Doctor from the BBC Books)