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Chiara Ends up 22nd Place in Eurovision 2009 Final

A disappointing performance for Chiara, representing Malta, in the Eurovision 2009 final.
This is probably Malta’s worst entry since the time when Lynn Chircop almost placed as bad…

Meanwhile Joe Demicoli has produced his Parody version of What if we!
People are searching for it so here it is for you!

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/9iZNorbhivM” height=”295″ width=”480″ /]

With her song “What if We?” (Marc Paelinck and Gregory Bilsen), singer Chiara has won Maltasong 2009, the Go Malta Song festival for europe, which was held in the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre in Ta’ Qali. She will be representing Malta for the third time in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow next May.

This year’s festival was different in that a jury voted for 3 songs, the so called “super-finalists”. Then people had to call in or sms to vote for their favourite from the 3 songs.

Chiara, 33 years old, won the Maltasong festival back in 1998, with “The One That I Love” and in 2005 with “Angel”, ending up in third and second place in the Eurovision Song Contest respectively.

Televoting won Chiara 12249 points. Chiara has to get through the ESC semifinal on 12th May in Moscow if she is to sing on the final night.

Second place was won by Eleonor with her song “Some Day” (Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan), while Q, with their song “Before You Walk Away” (Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan) ended up at the third position.
Some commented to me that it was not clear that you had to vote for the three songs only, and some even tried to vote for the other songs, unsuccessfully. And the show dragged on to very late.. Perhaps this is why less people voted this year compared to previous years.

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/r3CJqft3WUA” height=”295″ width=”480″ /]

Lyrics for What if We

Words of wisdom, prophets and quotes
Wise men talking, tales from the old
I reach for the stars, wherever they are, in darkness
We’re lost, fading away

What if we could be free?
Mystify our wisdom in time
and one day we’ll see
What if we found the key?
Throw the dice, unravel our lies
and learn how to be

All the madness feeding our soul
Take a wild guess out of control
There will be a star, no matter how far, shining
One day we’ll sail away

What if we could be free?
Mystify our wisdom in time
and one day we’ll see
What if we found the key?
Throw the dice, unravel our lies
and learn how to be

If you don’t know your destination
Who determines your destiny?

What if we could be free?
Mystify our wisdom in time
and one day we’ll see
What if we found the key?
Throw the dice, unravel our lies
and learn how to be

Malta Gets Vertigo… Olivia loses EUROVISION 2007 PRESELECTIO

Olivia who represented Malta with the song Vertigo, failed to obtain enough televiewer votes to quality for the EUROVISION 2007 final…
Sorry for the lack of photos but that’s due to the missing Press Section on the official Olivia Lewis site.

My comments – it’s useless sending two “popular” people for the choreography – nobody knows them abroad anyway. Also what does Dracula have to do with the Japanese motif? I didn’t get that.

Next time, we should send either Lucienne Cassar (who won LA CORRIDA)
or a trio of Joe Demicoli, Martin Sapiano and is-Sur Gawdenz!

Soon viewers will be voting for the song which will be representing Malta in Eurovision 2007, from the finalists Scar, Klinsmann Coleiro, Pamela, Olivia, Kevin Borg, Trilogy.
Voting is all in the hands of the public – 100% televoting.
Todays voting numbers are different from the semifinal voting numbers…

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/RmfJpZUdhW4″ height=”350″ width=”425″ /]
Above: Eurovision / Maltasong 2007 Xarabank Parody video by Joe Demicoli – You Never Gonna Sing Again

Comment – olivia’s song featured two well known tv personalities (Eg joseph who is a lawyer too).. did that influence the voting process?


1st place – Olivia – Vertigo 30977 votes (compos. philip vella/author gerald james borg)
2nd place – Trilogy – Starlight 7647 votes (author joe julian farrugia)
3rd place – Klinsmann Coleiro – She Gives Me Wings 7550 votes (compos. mark spiteri, lyrics rita pace)

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/FD-A736cfjo” height=”350″ width=”425″ /]
Above: Olivia singing Vertigo after being announced the winner in the final – congratulations to Olivia!

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/-wvNCOdQAaA” height=”350″ width=”425″ /]
Above: Natasha and Charlene singing Open Your Eyes in the Bulgarian Song Festival for Eurovision 2007. Unfortunately they didn’t make it to the final. The chosen final songs were picked up at random from a bowl. I guess that’s something which hasn’t been tried in Malta yet 🙂

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/yRBvFv14AAs” height=”350″ width=”425″ /]
Above: Klinsmann, sort of like uk boyband, singing “She gives me wings”.

Malta finishes last – Fabrizio Faniello – Eurovision 2006


A controversy at the time arose on the tv programme Bondiplus between Grace borg and both current Maltasong chairman + Minister Francis Zammit Dimech.

However one should note that PBS’ programme Bondiplus showed a clip tonight how the Minister tried to talk to Maltese singer Keith Camilleri (who was representing Switzerland), and was actually stopped from doing this by Grace Borg herself!
On this programme, Grace Borg was heard alleging that Maltasong chairman Robert Abela was drunk in the green room. Fabrizio’s Agent confirmed on the programme that no such thing happened.

On a less serious note everyone seems to be looking for a parody videoclip by Joe Demicoli ‘I DO’… Hmm I didn’t see this myself but let’s see.. found it:

Malta only got ONE POINT in last night’s Eurovision 2006 – in Athens, Greece. A terrible result – we ended up last. Fabrizio did his best I’m sure.



Tonight Fabrizio Faniello will be representing Malta in Eurovision 2006. I think he will do well.

They changed the dance routine and removed the Tomb of the Cybermen bit.. 🙁

As usual everybody votes for their neighbours. I think we should stop taking part in Eurovision. It’s a joke.

Fabrizio’s CD has reached #1 in the Maltese Sales Charts!

Fabrizio has released his CD for his winning song “I Do”. The CD, a great production by Cap sounds and maltasong, contains 7 different mixes of the Eurovision song. Also it contains a high quality version of the music video.

Video: Fabrizio Faniello – I Do – MALTA Eurovision 2006 (ESC06) Entry

Earlier story:

Fabrizio Faniello came first in yesterday’s Go Mobile Malta Song for Europe 2006 with 7729 votes. Olivia Lewis came second with 7623 votes and Trilogy were third with 4954 votes. There was no jury and all votes were decided by televoting.

Last year, Chiara came first with her song ‘Angel’. At Eurovision last year, some Brits compared her jokingly to a Dr Who alien (slitheen). My guess is this year there will be a comment about other Dr Who enemies, the Cybermen, since the dancers do a ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’-like entrance!

Fabrizio already represented Malta in Eurovision with his song “Another Summer Night” (which like ‘I Do’ can heard on Maltese Music Internet radio) back in 2001. This year he will be going to the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 and representing Malta with his song “I Do”.

Congratulations to Fabrizio! Good luck for ESC2006!

Fabrizio was the special guest at the Cyprus National Eurovision Final on 22nd February; the special guest at the Bulgarian National Contest For Eurovison Song (Semi Final) in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 25th February; the special guest at the Latvian National Eurovision Final “Eirodziesma 2006” on 11th March.

Goldrake’s Theme Found In Malta’s Eurovision Entry?

Malcolm Zammit wrote in today’s Times about how
Goldrake’s theme is apparently found in Malta’s Eurovision entry, On Again Off Again, by Philip Vella (seen in the faked photo with Goldrake) . I disagree actually and I cannot see that it was lifted – it’s sounds different to me. Also he is incorrect in saying that it plays only using Windows Media Player. I use Media Player Classic and it plays well just the same.

He wrote:
One of the weekly highlights of my childhood in the late 1970s was huddling up in front of the TV with my cousins to watch Goldrake save the earth from alien attack.

This was one of the first UFO cartoons to hit our airwaves (courtesy of RAI).

Like many other childhood experiences, Goldrake was relegated to the nether regions of memory a long time ago. It rocketed back to consciousness when I heard On Again… Off Again . A few bars into our latest Eurovision Song Contest offering and anyone who remembers Goldrake’s Italian signature tune (Albertelli/Tempera/Bandini, 1978, Cetra) will immediately spot the uncanny resemblance.

You can download a video of the opening or closing of the Goldrake sequence at http://www.actarus.it/Robots/robots_file/goldrake/video.htm… (requires Windows Media Player) or listen to a midi-version at http://www.thejackal.it/index/goldrake.htm by clicking on the white box just below the headline.

I have also attached an image I have generated on my computer. I’m sure Philip Vella will take it lightly!

Malcolm Zammit”

Fans of Goldrake should know that a fan project is underway to produce a non-profit Goldrake fan movie called “The Ufo” by the GTGroup. These are the same who created a fan movie for Lupin 3 (Called “1 MINUTE FOR AN HERO” by Telecioccaweb International from the original Warinhari-TCI motion picture “5 MINUTES FOR AN HERO”).

Some DVD’s are out of the original series yet they are in Japanese. There’s no demand for an english version yet an italian version should be out later this year.