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Malta ends up in 8th Position in Eurovision 2013

gianluca bezzina eurovision 2013

Gianluca Bezzina, Malta’s singing Doctor, ended up at a prestigious 8th place in this year’s Eurovision song contest. This was one of Malta’s best results.

Denmark with Only Teardrops sung by Emmelie de Forest won this year’s festival… I didn’t like their song. I thought some others were much better, such as Norway and Ukraine.
Unofficial Doctor Who fan music video Tomorrow:

Official video:

Gianluca at the 2nd Semifinal:

22 countries voted for Malta as follows:
10 points – San Marino
8 points- Netherland
7 points- Uk
2 points- Ukraine
8 points- Hungary
5 points- Romania
8 points Azerbaijan
10 points – Norway
6 points Armenia
10 points – Italia
1 point Spain
7 points- Belarus
5 points- Latvia
5 points- Estonia
5 points- Germany
5 points-Iceland
2 points- France
3 points- Greece
4 points- Denmark
3 points- Georgia
3 points- Macedonia
3 points – cyprus