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PM Announces General Elections for 12th April 2003

The Prime Minister Dr Eddie Fenech Adami has just announced the date for the General Elections in Malta: the day will be 12th April, just 4 days before signing the EU accession treaty and a day after id-Duluri (feast of Our Lady of Sorrows).
Malta's joining the EU depends on the election result although the majority of valid votes in the referendum were in favour of membership.

IVA Vote Wins in Malta by 53.6% – Malta to Join EU In Spite of Boycott Campaign

All indications are that the majority of the votes (19000 more) are in favour of joining the EU, 53.6% YES versus 46.4% NO, unofficial sources said.

Dr Laurence Gonzi of the PN said this publically also.

Prime Minister Dr Eddie Fenech Adami is expected to give a press release at 4pm today.

Cars, carrying Maltese and EU flags, can be heard and seen in the streets now all over Malta. Links to BBC and CNN news.

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New: Videoclips – before the EU Referendum

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Referendum Boxes arrive at Ta' Qali

People in Malta and Gozo have been voting for the Referendum throughout the day of 8th March 2003, as well as for the local council elections in a number of localities including Sliema. Turnout was unofficially said to be 93% – this has been confirmed by the Electoral Commission to have been 91.13% (voted for referendum). Yesterday, the referendum boxes arrived in Xarabanks (buses) at Ta' Qali.

Eddie Fenech Adami
The above photo shows the Prime Minister of Malta Dr Eddie Fenech Adami voting on Saturday morning. It has been reported that opposition leader Dr Alfred Sant visited the voting booth but abstained from voting in the referendum.

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