RIP Nirvana who lost her fight against cancer (Updated with Xarabank Video)

Maltese tv presenter Nirvana Azzopardi has lost her fight against breast cancer.RIP Nirvana

The 40 year old and mother of 2, died at home surrounded by her loved ones.


Since two years ago, she was suffering from an aggressive and rare form of breast cancer.

A walk in solidarity for her and against breast cancer was done in St Julians last January.

The cancer eventually effected her kidneys and even though several attempts were made, she lost her life.

Meanwhile, during these two years Nirvana had sued her Private Consultant for a misdiagnosis.

Nirvana prepared her own funeral and wrote a letter which was read by Fr Claude Portelli at the funeral.
She wrote “Do not wait until you are sick to tell the people you love that you love them…” among other things.

Xarabank has prepared a video about Nirvana which you can view below:


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would love to know who Consultant was, as I was way luckier than poor Nirvana, I too was misdiagnosed but was saved by Dr Crockford in time, also due to having lost mother and sister already to dreadful disease RIP Nirvana, did the walk in January although never had the pleasure in meeting you. My condolences to her husband and young family. Life can be so very cruel. MARIELLA PRIVITERA


I lost my sister through breast cancer when she was 44 years of age and she too left two children behind her. 27 years on and we still mourn her passing and miss her very much indeed. So I fully empathise with the late Nirvana’s husband and family to whom I wish to express my condolences and offer my prayers. The lady is now no longer suffering and looking after her family from above.

Christopher Debattista

All I can say is that raising breast cancer awareness is a number one priority. Lets make Nirvana’s death not to go in vain by raising this issue even more. I believe she would have liked this. May she rest in peace in the heavens. Indeed a tragic loss for all.