Ta’ Giezu Cross Broken By Foreigner With “Spirit of Hitler”

31st March 2006 – During the 6pm Mass at Ta’ Giezu Church in Valletta tonight, a 33 year old UK-born dark-skinned indian went up on the presbyter during the homily and threw the Holy Cross down onto the ground, breaking it. People tried to restrain the man but they did not manage to stop him from throwing the Cross down and he threw candeliers onto people. People tied him up until the Police arrived on the scene. He called Christians hypocrites.

According to Patri Gorg from Ta’ Giezu church (who was saying Mass at the time), it was not the big Miraculous cross but a small one. It was 200 years old and was broken to pieces. It was part of Malta’s irreplaceable cultural history also. The man had been to the church in the morning and had spoken to the Provincial.

The man told the Provincial that he believed in reincarnation and that he had the spirit of Hitler in him. The foreigner is being kept under observation in Mount Carmel hospital.

NOTE: This is not an April Fool.

The cross was restored in less than a year thanks to the sponsorship of Bank of Valletta.