Malta Ends up in 12th place in ESC2004, Ukraine Wins

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Ukraine with their ‘cave-women’ dance won this years
Eurovision Song Contest (called quite rightly the campest show in the world). A large number of the acts including Ukraine were plain indecent or vulgar, and they couldn’t sing at all.

Most countries voted as usual for their neighbours…
People don’t vote for the best song but for the neighbour countries instead.

Julie and Ludwig represented Malta in this festival, with ‘On Again Off Again’. Malta ended up at 12th place which means we don’t need to do the semifinals or preselection next year. But we didn’t get the success we got with Ira Losco some years ago or with other singers such as Chiara…

Claire Agius read off Malta’s points, dressed like an indian woman. People abroad thought it was traditional Maltese dress, from some blog comments.

Somebody has actually made a ‘study’ on how countries vote for their neighbours in ESC:
Crooked Timber